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Biscoito da Teixeira

The Teixeira biscuit – the authentic one – can be found on all festivities and markets in the North of Portugal. It is a traditional biscuit, which, though its recipe is known and it is baked in other towns nearby, has a secret to it which gives the “real” Teixeira biscuit a unique and characteristic taste. This secret is only known by the people of the town, who have been making it for many years or learned to make it with their ancestors.

This history of this biscuit has not been quite well defined, but it is known that its name comes from the place, where it supposedly originates – the parish of Teixeira. Nowadays, it is sold at the festivities and markets all over the country.

There are two types of Teixeira biscuits, a more widespread one, easily found at the festivities and on the markets of the county of Baião or nearby and the other one, baked for special occasions and called biscoitofino (Portuguese for thin biscuit). This thin biscuit distinguishes itself through the fact of being prepared with less water and baked in a different way.

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Baking the Teixeira biscuit

Ingredients used: brown sugar, flour, eggs, salt, lemon, yeast.

Method of preparation: All ingredients, but the lemon zest are mixed until obtaining a uniform dough. Then add the zest and a bit of the lemon juice. Grease the tin, preferably made of forged iron, with olive oil or plant oil. Pour the dough into the tin and the tin into quite a hot oven, preferably a wood oven to keep the traditional flavour and wait until it is baked. Then remove from the tin and enjoy cold or warm.

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