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Traditional Smoked Meats

The traditional smoked meats have a unique flavour and are very popular. This product and the anhoassado (roast lamb) are the foundation of two festivals celebrated every year – AnhoAssado com Arroz do Forno (Roast Lamb with Oven-Baked Rice) and the Feira do Fumeiro, Cozido à Portuguesa e dos Vinhos de Baião(Festival of the smoked meats, meat and vegetable stew and wines of Baião) – attracting thousands of visitors to Baião.

The traditional smoked meats of Baião include a wide variety, namely salpicão sausage, smoked ham presunto, linguiça sausage, moira sausage, alheira sausage, pá, farinheira sausage, smoked belly and head. They are all high-quality products as the entire production is supervised by professionals, from pig farming, slaughtering, the assessment of the sanitary conditions of the place where the sausages are made to the sealing of the traditional smoked meats for sale. All products are made in this county and have unique and authentic flavours.


Salpicão is a sausage, which has pork loin as its base ingredient. The prepared meat, duly spiced with salt, red or white wine from the region, water, garlic, paprika and bay leave is filled into a thick cylindrically shaped pork tripe. After being cured, the salpicão can be eaten raw, finely sliced or, whilst fresh, grilled on charcoals.


The linguiça sausage is made with pork meat and fat. The meat and fat are mixed with salt, white or red wine from the region, water, garlic, paprika and bay leave and the mixture is filled into a small pig or cow tripe. Linguiça can be eaten raw, fried or boiled, depending on its curing time.


Alheira is a smoked sausage, usually made with poultry or game meat, regional wheat bread and olive oil plus salt, garlic and paprika. The mixture, containing some small bits, such as shredded meats, will be used to fill a small and dry cow tripe. Once smoked, the alheira should be eaten fried.


Presunto comes from the legs of both male or female pigs. For a period of approximately 30 days the legs are placed in salt. Afterwards, the presunto is covered with a paste of paprika, olive oil and/or lard and exposed to the gradual effect of the smoke of the burning of oak or chestnut. The curing and ageing take place in a cold and dry place and the whole process takes at least one year. Once ready, presunto should be eaten raw and thinly sliced.


The moira is a sausage made up of bread, meats of vines, cooking syrup of pork and blood, seasoned with salt, paprika, pepper, wine and garlic. Filled in thin pork and smoked gut. It has dark brown or black color and pasty consistency. It has a horseshoe shape and weighs about 150g.


The farinheira is a sausage, which is cured in smoke, has a horseshoe-like shape and is made with soft pork cuttings to which wheat flour (at a ratio of approximately 40% fat to 60% flour), salt and a paste of paprika and dry garlic cloves are added. It is orange yellow in colour, is smooth and has no shine. Its texture is semi-soft to doughy. It has a pleasant mild smell and flavours of garlic and smoked meat and an even balance between sweet and salty. The fat is fragrant, has a nice taste and the texture is not too fibrous and very soft.

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