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António Mota

António Mota was born in Vilarelho, Ovil, in the county of Baião. He was a primary school teacher and published his first children’s book “A Aldeia das Flores” in 1979, never stopping to write from this point onward. He has already received many prestigious awards for his stories, many of them based on history: for “O rapaz de Lourdes” (1983) he was awarded a price by the Portuguese Association of Writers, in 1990 he received the Gulbenkian Award for Children and Youth Literature for his novel “Pedro Alecrim” and in 1996 “A Casa das Bengalas” received the Award António Botto.

But he did not only receive awards for his writing, as one of the author’s books – “O Sonho de Mariana” – was awarded a price for Danuta Wojciechowska’s illustrations, with this title being selected by the Association of Portuguese Language Teachers and the Associaition of Kindergarden Teachers within the framework of the project “My toy is a book”. Including illustrations from André Letria, the book “Se eu fosse muitomagrinho” won the Gulbenkian Grand Prize of Literature for Children and Young People within the category of illustrated books in 2004.

Since he started writing, António Mota has been invited to hold sessions in schools and public libraries with children, talking about his books and the importance of reading in view of promoting it. Up until now, António Mota has published over hundred books, with many being recommended by the National Reading Plan.

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