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Baião is a county rich in history, folk culture, gastronomy and wines, but it is also a region of writers. Over the years, men of letters were born in Baião, other made this county their adoptive home, as the pureness and the authenticity of the people won over their heart, but also influenced their literary approach, making Baião the stage of several plots. From Soeiro to Eça, passing by the Viscount of Via Moura and Camilo Castelo Branco, the natural and cultural elements of Baião are captured in the classics of literature, representing Baião as one of the most precious green pearls of Portugal.

Joaquim Soeiro Pereira Gomes was born on April 14, 1909 in the parish of Gestaçô, in Baião. He was the son of the rural proprietors Alexandre Pereira Gomes and Celestina Soeiro Pereira Gomes, being one of the six children of the couple. Subjects ...

António Mota was born in Vilarelho, Ovil, municipality of Baião. Professor of Basic Education, published in 1979 his first children's book, "The Village of Flowers", not ceasing to write. His stories, many of them with history, ...

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