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“The river ran slowly, as if put to sleep by the tranquillity of the month of May, embracing silently, a large sparkling stone. Beyond, the mountains emerged in the small humps, tucked in and forgotten, a small village. The immense pace was under an immense silence. (…) The gracefulness was grand.”

"The City and the Mountains", Eça de Queiróz

This River crosses Baião and houses a variety of flora and fauna due to the number of different habitats, which is characteristic of the landscape. Here, you can witness and enjoy beautiful Portuguese flora: herbs such as camomile and dandelion; shrubs such as the strawberry tree, flax-leaved daphne and tree heath; in addition to trees such as the European oak, cork oak and the European nettle tree. The land’s fertility grants conditions for the growth of a strong variety of eucalyptus and maritime pine as well as a rich agriculture of olive groves, vineyards, fig trees and corn fields. The famous orange groves are also not to be forgotten.

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The Douro allows for unforgettable moments to share while enjoying a wonderful world of unequalled natural beauty, contemplating a wild flora of inconceivable colour. These are some of the tempting appeals to walk by the river be it by bicycle, on foot or car, to name a few of the many ways to explore this area.

Religious heritage, manor houses, gardens, rustic houses and hidden villages complemented with a vast and varied gastronomy: Traditionally made, prepared with good-quality products and derived from old recipes, the dishes are served with quality green wine of renown.

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