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"The river ran slowly, as if slumbered by the heavy tranquillity of May, embracing, without making the slightest noise, a large sparkling stone islet. Behind, the mountains grew in small humps, tucked into a folded sling, a light town, forgotten by the world. The immense space rested on an immense silence. (…) The magnitude matched the beauty."

"The City and the Mountains", Eça de Queiroz

Crossing the county of Baião, the river Douro is home to a varied flora and fauna due to the diversity of the habitats, which is so characteristic to this Douro landscape. Here, you can watch the most beautiful Portuguese flora: herbs like camomileand dandelion, shrubs like the strawberry tree, spurge flax and white-flowered heather and trees such as the common oak, cork and the European nettle tree. The fertile land offers the right conditions for a strong forestry of eucalyptus and maritime pine as well as a rich agriculture of olive groves, vines, figs and corn. Never forgetting the famous orange groves…

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Sharing some moments with the river Douro, enjoying a wonderful world of unequalled natural beauty, contemplating a wild flora of inconceivable colours… These are only some of the appeals to visit some of the points of interest of the Douro on foot, by bicycle or car, to name only a few of the many ways of discovering this area…

Religious buildings from several eras, manor houses and gardens, rustic houses and hidden villages… A rich and varied traditional gastronomy, prepared with genuine products and following old methods, recreating old recipes, drizzled with green vine of renowned quality.

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