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The Ovil river is an important touristic attraction due to the purity of its waters, its clean beaches, and to the abundance of existing species it houses. It is an ecologically rich river, where plants, air and people are in a harmonious syntony.

The river runs through the mountains all the way down to the Douro river. Wild paths continue along its banks and centuries-old spectral granites follow the flow of the river. The water is clear and sometimes, here and there, trouts and bogas come and go, swimming up and down the river. The fishermen, wait for hours and hours expecting to have their way.

The romantic landscape of the river is expressed through the beauty of its beaches, the diversity of its fish species and the cleanliness of the water, making it memorable.

The bed of the Ovil river has a steeper slope, thus the water is used by a hydroelectric power station located at the river’s mouth. During the middle ages, a Roman bridge was built, connecting the two margins and served for many years as the only way of passage to travel from Pala to Porto Manso.


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