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River Teixeira

The Teixeira river presents a degree of conservation and ecological value superior to the other rivers of the county of Baião. Sliding smoothly between steep slopes, the river Teixeira is accompanied on its banks by tufts of river banks and other exuberant plants like the royal fetus. In addition to the Arion ater slug, which is easily visible due to its large size and black coloring, it is possible to observe dragonflies that patrol the surface of the river, such as Cordulegaster boltonii, and others that are more frequently found on vegetation, such as Calopteryx virgo.

Among the species of insects present in this place are the green salmon Tettigonia viridissima and the legally protected butterfly  Euplagia quadripunctaria, with brightly colored wings. In the water course or in its proximity it is possible to see the Water lizard, endemic species of the Iberian Peninsula. It distinguishes itself with relative ease of the other species of lizards by the turquoise coloration that presents in the zone of the throat.

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The river Teixeira is surrounded by oak-alvarinho woods and agricultural mosaics rich in chestnut trees. The bottom of the valley has great potential from the ornithological point of view, due to the great diversity of habitats present. Along the banks, the visitor can be surprised by the "tsee-wee-wee" of the tortoiseshell, while the characteristic song of the wild nightingale overlaps with the flowing water. Hundreds of granivorous birds, such as goldfinch, pintarrox and mountain sparrows appear around the cultivated fields, while the surrounding pine groves hear the gaudy jaw and the typical "tsii-tsii" of the chapins. With a little attention, it will even be possible to hear the typical hammering of the Great Woodpecker.

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