Before starting the journey through the Serra, we suggest a visit to the simple village of the Castle, whose name still evokes the memory of the medieval fortification that has disappeared. At the top of the hill, next to the Chapel of Mrs. do Castelo, there is still a pre-Romanesque frieze of the medieval temple. From there we can see vast horizons over the Fornelo valley and [...]

Walk with us on the rails of the Serra da Aboboreira. Take a deep breath and feel the fresh air of the mountain range or the scents of the sun-scorched earth. Look at the sky of unrivaled blue and prepare to discover the hidden villages, the friendliness of its people, the water rails and the backwoods mosaics. Rest in the shade [...]

This route connects the Equestrian Center of Baião with the highest zone of the Serra da Aboboreira, where are the main examples of the archaeological heritage of this mountain range. The route also connects with the villages of Aboboreira and Almofrela, characterized by a preserved rural architecture and where you can witness the [...]