The Chapel of Senhor do Bom Despacho integrates the architectural complex of the Monastery of Santo André de Ancede. The construction of this chapel is located in the first half of the 18th century, reflecting the architectural taste of the time, when adopting the octagonal plan and the Johannine style, typically baroque for the decoration of the interior in gilded carving and [...]

Modest temple, of longitudinal plant, with a lower chancel and narrower than the body composed by a single nave. The construction of this church should date from the end of the thirteenth century, incorporating several marks of masonry, and reusing silhares of an earlier construction, to be evaluated by the inscription placed inverted on the north wall of the chancel [...]

12th century - 19th century Although the date of its foundation is unknown, it is known that in 1120 this monastery belonged to the Diocese of Porto, being connected to the Canons Regrantes of St. Augustine. In 1141, D. Afonso Henriques sold the Charter de Couto to the abbot of the Monastery for 150 morabitinos. In 1560, it is attached [...]