Mata da Reixela is considered by experts as the most important area of ​​native forest in the region and one of the most important of all the Douro Litoral. This forest reflects the dynamic nature of vegetation and the way it evolved in the absence of uses and other disturbances caused by man. The abandonment of agriculture and [...]

The Teixeira river presents a degree of conservation and ecological value superior to the other rivers of the county of Baião. Sliding smoothly between steep slopes, the river Teixeira is accompanied on its banks by tufts of river banks and other exuberant plants like the royal fetus. In addition to the slug Arion ater, easily visible due to its [...]

The Ovil River is an important tourist attraction, due to its clean waters, clean beaches and rich fish. In that countryside, it is an ecologically privileged river where there are pleasant places where plants, air and people are in perfect [...]

The river ahead came down, lazy and as if in the heavy May weather, embracing, without a whisper, a broad stone islet that gleamed. In addition, the saw grew in sweet humps, with a deep fold that nestled, well together and forgotten of the world, a small vilazinha clear. The immense space rested on a [...]

The mountains of Serra do Marão are part of the administrative territory of Baião, Amarante, Mesão Frio, Régua, Santa Marta de Penaguião and Vila Real. It extends for about 20km allowing for a high diversity of natural conditions and geomorphological features.

The Serra da Aboboreira now comprises the administrative territory of three municipalities: Amarante, Baião and Marco de Canaveses. It presents altitudes in general superior to 700 meters, with a climate of Cold Temperate Earth and a continuous geology of granites. It includes corrugated relief spaces associated with plateau spaces with slopes that increase to [...]